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Located in the Heart of the Post Rock Country
Ramon and Judy Laurie
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407 W 15th St
Russell, KS 67665

Kit's Canyon Ranch is dedicated to preserving the heritage, bloodlines, and characteristics of the Palouse country horse that became known as the Appaloosa. At Kit's Canyon, you will only see Appaloosa to Appaloosa breeding in an effort to accomplish this goal. Our objective is to produce reliable pleasure riding horses.

Horses for Sale

Kitstoby Surprise

indentOut of Kits Canyon Freckles by Wakons Toby Snow this 2012 few spot has four generations of Solid Appaloosa breeding behind him. He should mature at 15hh and 1200 lbs.

Kitstoby Caits Jewel

indentOut of Kits Canyon Caitlin by Wakons Toby Snow this 2012 filly has four generations of solid Appaloosa breeding behind her.

Little Dude

indentOur newest little stud. Wakons Toby Snow's last stud colt. Out of Kits canyon Caitlin, this little guy should be stunning.

Kitstoby WarriorQuest

indentWarrior, a 2007 gelding, is a prime example of what we try to create in our program. Krista, shown up in this picture, broke Warrior to ride. He is a stable. smart, reliable mount for anyone.

Ramon on Sully

indentFall is a beautiful time to ride in Kansas